Trainings for scientific work in Germany

Trainings for scientific work in Germany – Online courses and webinars: Academic texts from Bachelor thesis to research grant proposal

Trainings for scientific work in Germany

Academic writing and research grant proposal writing according to German standards in Europe may differ from those in other regions of the world. The proWiss trainings for scientific work in Germany are online courses and webinars that are tailor made for:
Drittmittel Students who want to study in Germany
Forschungsexposé Doctoral students who want to do their doctorate in Germany / obtain a German doctorate
Abschlussarbeit Researchers who want to obtain research funding from a German funding agency
The German higher education system may be different from that in your home country. Also, the requirements at German universities for scientific work and academic writing can differ from those you are academically trained in. The online courses and webinars guide you in a structured way to a submission-ready academic text according to German standards by providing precise instructions and practical exercises.
The proWiss online courses and webinars increase your chances for studying successfully at a German University Germany, finding a PhD place in Germany, obtaining German research funding.

Course Offer:

Online-Kurs Wie man einen erfolgreichen Förderantrag zur Finanzierung eines Forschungsprojekts schreibt. Online-self-study course
Webinar Wie man ein Forschungsexposé schreibt: Finde eine Promotionsbetreuung und Doktorandenstelle. Webinar Coming soon
Webinar Das Schreiben einer Bachelorarbeit einfach erklärt: Finde einen guten Einstieg. Webinar Coming soon
Online-Kurs How to write a winning research grant proposal. Online-self-study course
Online-Kurs Wie man eine Bachelorarbeit schreibt: Schritt für Schritt zur abgabefähigen Abschlussarbeit. Online-self-study course Coming soon
Webinar How to write and nail a research grant proposal and get money for your research project. Webinar serie Coming soon

What does a self-study course offer?

A self-study course is an online course that offers you the opportunity to develop, review and improve your scientific text at your own pace and at your own convenience. The step-by-step instructions and practical exercises are easily transferable to your own text and lead you in a well-structured way to a submission-ready grant proposal, PhD post-application or thesis.

What does a webinar offer?

A webinar is an online seminar that is held in real time. It offers you the great benefit of hearing presentations on a topic and thus receiving information in a short space of time. You can also interact with the speakers, ask questions, and get answers quickly.

What does a webinar series offer?

A webinar series consists of a series of online seminars that are held one after the other. They offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers in real time, ask questions and get answers quickly. As the webinars build on one another, the topic can be explored in depth and examples can be provided that will give you practical insights on how to successfully write and complete your academic text or research grant proposal.

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